Zurich Music Groups


In 1988, the music group Mountain-Silence was created. The musicians specialize in arrangements of Sri Chinmoy’s music. The clear female voices of the group are accompanied by violin, Chinese erhu, cello, harmonium, glockenspiel and guitar. Since its inception, the band has performed more than 700 concerts in concert halls and churches worldwide. Special highlights include two appearances for Pope John Paul II at the Vatican in Rome, a concert and exhibition accompaniment in the monastery church of Assisi and a performance for Mother Teresa in Rome. In January 1989 Mountain-Silence was invited to the private fair of Pope John Paul II. Afterwards, the young musicians were allowed to sing for him a song that Sri Chinmoy had dedicated to the Holy Father: “Holy Father is blessing the world …”, as well as settings of words of the Pope by Sri Chinmoy: “Lord, give us the power of hope , the fire of love, the light of faith. »

More information about Mountain-Silence as a PDF is available here.


Alap (his name means “source of music”) is a spiritual sound and rhythm artist from Switzerland, who has been playing at the highest level for over 30 years and who plays and mixes most of his recordings with accompanying percussion from many cultures in the studio alone. Several times he was already represented in New Age Charts. All his flutes are developed and produced by himself in order to achieve very special timbres and characteristics, which are particularly suitable for his trance-producing ryhthmik and meditative sounds – a mage of the flute.

Alap and Lucas

A short performance recorded in Greece by Alap Jetzer and Lucas on flute and percussion. Two accomplished musicians, Alap and Lucas weave a unique harmony of meditative music. The songs are based on the compositions of Sri Chinmoy.

Adesh & Ajita

Adesh Widmer: Adesh studied from 1977 to 1982 in Sri Lanka and India under P.V. Nandasiri Indian music. Ten years later, with his family, he began to learn meditation under Sri Chinmoy, which soon influenced and permeated his playing. Today, he devotes himself exclusively to spiritual music, often improvising in Sri Lankan tunes inspired by Indian raga style. His wife Ajita, as well as his daughters Anupama and Bandhabi often accompany him on tabla, tampura and with singing. Their performances have already taken them to many continents.

Listen to an example:

Heart-Garden Birds

With a deep understanding of the music of Sri Chinmoy, the international ensemble was founded in Switzerland in 2015. They are 13 members from Switzerland, Spain, Russia, the Republic of Moldova, Latvia, Hungary, Germany and the Czech Republic. They are inspired to share Sri Chinmoy’s soulful songs that offer the listeners the opportunity to immerse themselves deeply in their own heart garden, which is flooded with peace, love, joy and harmony. The members of the group are all music lovers and most of them are not professional musicians. Nevertheless, they always meet many open-minded listeners who experience the essence of spiritual music deeply during their concerts. So far they have played in Munich, New York, Liechtenstein, Hungary, Ukraine and Latvia. They play violin (Anete from Latvia), clarinet (Esmeralda from Spain), guitar (Gunthita from Switzerland), piano (Anna from Russia), harmonium (Ilvaka from the Czech Republic and Nadja from Switzerland), glockenspiel (Anastasia from Germany and Eszter from Hungary), and Drum (Shilpa from Germany), Bells (Medinee from Germany), as well as Gesang (Dyotani from Switzerland, Zina from Moldova).

Music samples:

Like a bird I wish to fly.
Like a moon I wish to smile.
Like a flute I wish to play Music.