ONENESS-DREAM: A special choir


ONENESS-DREAM is a male voice a cappella singing group whose members follow the spiritual teachings of  Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007). Poet, painter, writer, musician, composer, philosopher, athlete and peace-dreamer, he composed over 23,000 devotional songs, mostly in his native Bengali, and in English. Sri Chinmoy saw music as a pure language of the heart, a pathway to meditation, an expression and revelation of the Divine. His songs, flowing from the depths and heights of meditation, were composed spontaneously, and are unadorned with harmony or accompaniment – just the purity, beauty, simplicity, intimacy and immediacy of word and melody. For Sri Chinmoy, all faiths are branches of one life-tree. In addition to his own words, he has set music to sacred texts from Christian, Buddhist and Hindu traditions. ONENESS-DREAM celebrate this oneness-in-diversity by singing in places of worship of all faiths around the world, these sacred places being the perfect setting for songs of pure devotion to the highest and inmost we all share. The very name of the choir – ONENESS-DREAM – indicates a positivity, an aspiration towards something higher. If we can dare to dream of a oneness-world, then one day that dream may become a reality.

If you are inspiring to follow the group’s activities, please check out the new website, where you also find many videos and sound samples: