Sri Chinmoy in Switzerland

Sri Chinmoy planted a Himalayan spruce as a sign of peace in the Rietberg Park in Zurich in 1976

Sri Chinmoy has been to Switzerland several times since the 1970s. He gave lectures and concerts, visited the so-called “Divine Enterprises” (companies and shops, which are founded and run by his students) and planted a Himalayan spruce as a sign of peace in the Rietberg Park in Zurich (see photos above and right) , Often he also visited Swiss holiday locations, such as Amden (excursion with chairlift), Davos (7-hour meditation / concert), Interlaken (concert with 170 instruments and meditations in between) or the Schilthorn (excursion). Switzerland was very dear to him and the centers were growing steadily. There is currently a large meditation center in Zurich and smaller groups in Winterthur, Basel, Bern and Geneva – a total of over 100 students. Free introductory classes, mantra chants and concerts are regularly held (see Front Page). Photos: Kedar Misani

Sri Chinmoy visited the former meditation center at the Friedensgasse in Zurich in June 1986
Sri Chinmoy visits and meditates at the 2nd “Impossibility Challenger” World Record Games in Sihlhölzli in Zurich in 1983
Sri Chinmoy was happy to meet Kailash’s (Leader of the Zurich Meditation Center) father in Aarau. The picture went around the world in the meantime – in various publications, posters and books.

On May 26, 1987 Sri Chinmoy opened a new musical chapter with his first church organ performance in the Fraumünster church in Zurich. He created a spontaneous and powerful improvisation that is unforgettable. The performance in Zurich, which only a few of his students could witness live, was one of the longest ever. It lasted 38 minutes and was later titled by Sri Chinmoy as “The Summit – Song of Self-Transcendence”. As not the whole performance was filmed, part of the video is covered with shots of the church, but the music is available in its whole length.  Video: Kedar Misani.

Sri Chinmoy during a peace concert with meditations in the first big 7-hour performance in the Swiss mountain village Davos on May 27, 1987
Sri Chinmoy meditates with his students at an evening event in Winterthur in 1985.
Concert in the Hallenstadion Zurich on March 31, 1985, the biggest concert ever held in Switzerland with about 7000 viewers.
Sri Chinmoy visits Kedar’s Bakery “Ecstasy-Sky”, Zurich & Abarita’s “Secrets of Perfection-Flames”, Schlieren
Sri Chinmoyon top of the Schilthorn
Concert with 170 instruments in Interlaken on September 11, 2005