The writings of Sri Chinmoy

Sri Chinmoy gave the world over about 1300 published books. His literature includes poetry, speeches, stories, answers to questions, honors,plays and little anecdotes from his own life.

At a young age Sri Chinmoy wrote poetry. Some of his early works are included in the book My Flute. Later in his poetry, Sri Chinmoy was more concerned with shorter poems and aphorisms. Through his poetry, Sri Chinmoy expressed many of his mystical experiences. But he also reveals the obstacles that spiritual seekers have to face on their way. He has given lectures on spiritual subjects at several hundred universities around the world, including Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, and Yale. In these lectures, as well as in his writings, Sri Chinmoy explains in clear and poignant terms the connections of the  inner life with the relationship of the spiritual seeker to God. Most of the books can be viewed here. You can also find a small selection of English and German books in in the vegan restaurant “The Sacred” in Zurich.