Our Shops

Our shops are called “Divine Enterprises”? Sri Chinmoy used this term for shops, restaurants and businesses run by his students. In Switzerland there are the following:

Madal Bal

Wholesale company with retail shops in Zurich, Uster, Winterthur and Schaffhausen. Founded by Kailash A. Beyer. Import and trade of inexpensive gift items from all over the world as well as import of unrefined coconut blossom sugar, Canadian maple syrup and Himalayan salt. Headquarter: Ehrendingen.
Website: https://madalbal.ch/

The Secrets of Perfection-Flames / Soyana

Production and distribution of over 100 organic and vegan foods, including tofu, burgers, tempeh, Soyananda, miso, tamari, Chi, alternative vegetable drinks, raw apple juice concentrate and raw almond puree. Founder and leader: A.W. Dänzer; Headquarter: Schlieren.
Website: https://soyana.ch/

In the production rooms of the Soyana are numerous large-scale reproductions on canvas of works of Sri Chinmoy and in addition they run Sri Chinmoy’s meditation music day and night.

The Sacred and Vegelateria

First Swiss 100% organic and vegan restaurant in Zurich, existing since early 2012. Owner:  A.W. Dänzer, who also conducts meditation evenings on Fridays at the SACRED upstairs (House of Peace & Health) at 7 pm. Address: Müllerstrasse 64, 8004 Zürich, Tel. 044 558 70 35.

Website: vegelateria.ch
Blog: vegelateria.wordpress.com
Instagram: instagram.com/sacred_and_vegelateria/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Vegelateria/

Hier und Jetzthierundjetzt

Vegetarian Restaurant and Take-Away
Owner: Margrit Merz
Bubenbergplatz 10
3011 Bern
Tel.: 031 311 72 71

Webseite: www.hier-und-jetzt.ch

Joy Madal

Boutique Cadeaux & Vegan Ice Cream. Owner: Adarini Inkei
26 Rue de Carouge, 1205 Genève, Tel.: 022 321 92 31
Website: https://joymadalgeneva.wixsite.com/joymadal
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/joymadalgeneva



Swiss online shop for anti electro smog products with retail shop in Wettingen, Bahnhofstrasse 73.
Owner: Adesh & Ajita Widmer, Website: https://www.wavesafe.ch/